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One of my Favorite Soothing Drinks

Dandelions have a bad reputation in the gardening world, known as pesky weeds to be avoided at all costs. But in the health community, dandelions are coveted as extremely nutritious! In my article, Natural Ways to Support the Liver, I included a brief version of this revved up dandelion root tea recipe. In today’s blog post, I’d like to discuss this in more detail simply because it’s one of my favorite nutrient dense liver boosting drinks. 

Nourishing Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

1 – 2 Dandelion root tea bags, steeped in 8 ounces of boiled water for 10 to 15 minutes
Add 1 TBPS of organic blackstrap molasses
Add a splash of milk of choice

Optional add ins:
1 TBSP collagen
1 TBSP MCT oil
For pumpkin spice variety: add 1 TSP cinnamon, 1/8 TSP of cloves & 1/8 TSP of nutmeg

Stir & enjoy this cup of deliciousness !


Personally, I drink this tea 3 to 5 times a week, usually between dinner and bedtime. I try not to drink it too close to bedtime as it can stimulate the bladder, thereby disturbing my sleep. Plus, I find it helps curb any after dinner sweet tooth cravings.

Given the combination of potassium and liver loving properties, it’s a great drink for those suffering with insomnia. In this instance, the best time to drink it would be between dinner & bedtime.

But really, this tea can be drank anytime of day. In fact, it makes for a great coffee substitute for those healing from adrenal fatigue, or those who wish to eliminate caffeine from their daily routines. And this is where I’d include the MCT oil – not before bed since it can be stimulating.

For those who want to give their liver some serious loving, I’d recommend drinking this tea recipe everyday for 2 weeks. And then adding it into your wellness routine as needed or desired. 

This recipe is also great for those struggling with constipation, and need a little something natural to help them go. 

Why Dandelion Root Tea & Blackstrap Molasses?

Benefits of Dandelion Root:
Regenerates liver

Balances blood sugar
Boosts immunity
Stimulates metabolism to aid in weight loss
Helps purify the blood
Cleanses the bladder

Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses:
Nutrient dense, especially potassium & iron

Helps relieve PMS symptoms
Combats stress
Stabilizes blood sugar levels
Improves skin health
Promotes bone health
Nutritional Value of Dandelion Root Tea:
Beta carotene
B vitamins
Vitamin C
Nutritional Value of Blackstrap Molasses:
Plus: Manganese, Selenium, Copper, Phosphorous


Where to Find Ingredients

Both main ingredients are fairly easy to find and easy on the wallet:
Dandelion root tea can be purchased from most grocery stores, and health food stores. It’s also available from
here; approx $5 CDN per box.
Organic blackstrap molasses can be found at most health food stores for approx. $13 for a large 3 lb bottle. Given you are only using 1 tsp to 1 tbsp per tea, a large container lasts for months.

Such an easy inexpensive way to boost your liver & overall health 😉
Cheers to your health!

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