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Dry Skin Brushing

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry skin brushing is simple wellness technique of brushing your skin with a soft to medium natural bristle brush. Yes, it’s that easy! Dry body brushes are well priced costing less than $20, and available online or in store. Sparing a few minutes daily before a shower to dry body brush has many benefits.  Let’s review so you can benefit too!

Why Should You Dry Brush?

The health benefits of body brushing include:

  • softens skin;
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite;
  • stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system moving to drain waste;
  • exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores;
  • removes dead skin cells to help brighten the skin & prevent pesky ingrown hairs;
  • provides a boost of energy;
  • assists with stress relief

If you’re wondering what the lymphatic system is, check out my blog post
Getting Rid of the Trash: Re-Energize Your Lymph!for more helpful info. 

How to Dry Brush?

  1. Start at your feet – you can even brush the soles of your feet, and work your way upwards in long sweeping circular motions. The general rule of thumb is to move towards the heart.
  2. After the legs, continue to the rest of the body from your hands to your shoulders, back, stomach and chest (avoiding the nipples, ouch!).
  3. Brush over each area a few times to ensure proper stimulation. You may want to pay special attention to areas with concentrated lymph nodes, such as the armpits, the bikini line, under the neck, and behind the ears.
  4. Shower. Since your pores will already be open, you may want to alternate the water temperature from hot to cold a few times for a DIY spa experience. Towel off.
  5. As a final optional step, you may enjoy applying a natural moisturizer to the skin, such as coconut oil, shea butter, or rosehip oil. And voila, you’re done & ready to slay your day!


Tips for Optimal Dry Brushing:

  • Given it can be stimulating to some, it’s best to do it in the morning or earlier in the day, rather than before bed.
  • Standing in the shower to dry brush is suggested so that any debris collects in the shower and washes away – rather than sticking to your floor.
  • Please don’t brush too hard – and avoid delicate areas like the chest & face, any skin lesions and abrasions, and/or sensitive skin (including varicose veins). The face can be brushed with a smaller gentler brush.
  • Wash your brush regularly, but avoid getting the wood wet. Or, buy a new brush every 3 months based on frequency of use.

I personally love dry brushing before a shower. I have been doing so for 1.5 years – and while it’s hard to say if my skin is any nicer, I love making that time for myself. It’s easy, invigorating, time and cost efficient – and has some great health benefits. What are you doing daily to get your lymphatic system moving?

Total Time Investment: 2 to 15 minutes, the choice is yours!
Dry Skin Brush

Dry Skin Brush

Dry Skin Brush

Dry Skin Brush

Dry Skin Brush Set

Dry Skin Brush Set



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