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Praise #6 ~ Lee Harber

Once again, I am very blessed and honored to share a wonderfully positive client testimonial from Lee Harber. Since the winter, Lee & I have been working together to balance his minerals by incorporating whole food solutions to enhance his energy, stamina and strength. He slowly added suggestions from the wellness protocol to his daily routine which produced noticeable results thereby increasing his motivation. Keep up the great work Lee!

“Chloé is a true professional and a natural healer!

The HTMA test helped make me aware of some important adjustments that I needed to make in both my diet and lifestyle that have made a HUGE difference in my energy and overall health. Through Chloé’s protocol and ongoing coaching, I am now more informed about how to live a better, healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Thank you Chloé!”

Inspired by Lee’s story? If you too would like to see improvements in your health by trying HTMA, let me know. I offer one of the most affordable packages available to client anywhere in the world. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have via email. More detailed information about HTMA is also available here.

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