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Testimonial #5 Naomi Switzer

I am very excited and honoured to share another beautiful testimonial from another wonderful client Naomi Switzer. It’s always great when clients incorporate their customized wellness protocol into their daily routines, and start seeing results! Keep up the good work Naomi 💖

“Since starting to work with Chloe I’ve noticed a great improvement in my gut, and my tolerance to certain foods. I can once again enjoy garlic and onions, and I couldn’t be happier – especially since my boyfriend is a garlic farmer and all!

I’ve noticed an increase in energy and I seem to be having a much more restful sleep now too – all with just a few simple additions to my regular routine. I would 100% recommend giving this a shot because you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! Thank you Chloe!”

If you too would like to try hair mineral analysis as a tool to improve your health, get in touch today via email. Happy to discuss it further and answer any of your questions!

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