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Perfect Supplements

The supplement world is so difficult to navigate these days that it is getting harder and harder to find good quality and well priced products. Look no further!!! I am extremely excited to announce that I have partnered with one of my favorite brands Perfect Supplements (PS). Not only do I recommend these products to my clients, family & friends, but I also love and use them myself.

11 Reasons to Love Perfect Supplements :

  1. They are family owned and operated by Paul & Kristen Morelli
  2. Perfect Supplements’ products are made in the USA and support local farms.
  3. They use 100% pure whole food ingredients with no fillers or additives
  4. PS products are all natural containing no synthetic nutrients, no artificial colors or flavors, and no GMOs
  5. They are environmentally friendly as they use organic, wild-grown and sustainably-harvested ingredients, while also recycling paper throughout the business and home.
  6. They choose fair trade ingredients when possible & available
  7. Their products are approved by the Weston A. Price foundation
  8. Perfect Supplements give back to the community with charitable donations both locally and internationally
  9. They have a great 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  10. They carry other reputable brand supplements – such as Bioray, Garden of Life, NutraPro, and Ancient Minerals, just to name a few, making their website a convenient one stop shop.
  11. PS products have great prices, bulk discounts and wonderful sales


More Reasons to Love Perfect Supplements

If you like saving money, and who doesn’t, Perfect Supplements have great sales all year round, especially around Black Friday in November. You can also take advantage of their regular bulk sale too – for example, buy 3 Perfect Supplement brand products & save 25%, or buy 6 Perfect Supplement brand product & save 30%.

Plus, you can take an additional 10% off your purchase with the code CHLOE at checkout. Bonus!

For my American friends, you can receive free domestic shipping in the United States on orders over $99

For my Canadian readers, international shipping rates do apply, and there will likely be added tax at delivery. Please note Customs Canada technically only allows orders for personal use up to a 90-day supply according to the package instructions.

My Favorite Perfect Supplement Products

Desiccated Liver
Hydrolyzed Collagen
3 Grass Blend containing wheat grass, oat grass and barley grass.
Coconut Oil 

Please stay tuned to future blog posts as I will outline what these products are and their benefits. And keep you posted as I continue to try more of the Perfect Supplements brand products.

Ready to go shopping?

Check out Perfect Supplements here – your body will thank you, & don’t forget to include the code CHLOE at check out for the extra savings!


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